i’m not dead…

I used to be proud of my ability to keep updating my Xanga. Over time, I suppose people stopped coming, and I got less and less enthused about updating this, like it’s some small amusement park, and myspace was the Disneyland that fucking opened next door.

Lots have changed since my last post. I’ve graduated. It doesn’t seem so different, except that…I won’t be going back to Mills in the fall. Actually, you know, I probably AM going back…but not as a student. I have people to see. I have a legacy that I have to make sure stays a legacy.

I wish I had more motivation to keep this going. I do, I guess Facebook takes up a lot of my time. I didn’t have too many friends who were xanga-exclusive anyways. But this is not the end. Not yet. I keep this around, hoping one day I’ll find a really great reason to write in this.

Somedays, I wish I still knew some people. Sometimes, I wish I took the time to get to know them when they were still here. Like this one girl, whom I haven’t ever really talked to. Not in person, anyways. The last time I saw her was January ’04, before she moved four hundred miles away, and now it’s over 3 years later, and I haven’t heard her voice since. Jesus, that’s sad.

I miss people. I’ve been alone for far too much of this summer, to the point where I talk to myself a lot and I’m writing a lot more. I need some friends who like to stay in town.


One thought on “i’m not dead…

  1. honeybunch i misss you, we need to catch up soon ok? your post makes me feel kinda sad, its very… insightful(is that a word?) though. ohh shelbyyyy

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