two weeks, and I’m sitting here, incredibly nervous. I do not think I am ready to leave high school. Everyone talks about leaving…as if it is going to be the greatest moment of their life. Seth and I were doing the senior slide show music and he was adamant on injecting lots of songs tinted with the themes of summer…all the while stating that everyone was looking forward to the summer and how his was going to be amazing. I was uneasy with the whole thing- I wasn’t too excited for the summer to come, that’s for sure. I find myself wanting more and more for these times to never end. I was really downtrodden for a long time, and I still am, to some extent, but I guess I’ve reevaluated. I like where I am now. I’m content.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice jackson speech. ha 🙂

  2. fairlady_z32 says:

    Oh man trust me … although you may think you would miss it and aren’t so glad to leave .. be happy that you are and that you’re moving on in life. I thought a 5th year of high school wouldn’t be so bad, so I chose to do it among other things. Although I met some wonderful people in the end it really was a big pain in the ass. Congrats on graduating (I am too!) and imagine the amazing things life has in store for ya next.

  3. I guess it doesn’t matter if we’re content where we are. Breaking out of our so called comfort zone is what everyone wants, isn’t it? Everyone wants time to stop every once in a while, to have moments elongated or something to never end. But time stops for no one, right?

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