woww, return of the photographer.

due to facebook, i haven’t been able to update this. er, haven’t WANTed to, but now..i have pictures and i think i should update. :). toda,y we went out during journalism to enjoy the 75 degree sun and fly kites, because we had finished our layouts. be on the lookout for a new thunderbolt..!

okay! here are pictures…for all the shots of the weeks i have missed.

that was long.


5 thoughts on “woww, return of the photographer.

  1. lAbsolutionl says:

    lol frickin birds and clipboards…
    I guess I haven’t said this yet because I don’t know anything about photography, but your stuff looks pro. But you already knew that.

  2. Zott820 says:

    Your pictures look absolutely fabulous.Don’t know why you guys were frying kites, but it sure looks like fun.

  3. jigg says:

    your pictures are really good.  thanks for sharing.
    -ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. lAbsolutionl says:

    Glad to hear it dude, prom was awesome

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