it’s been a really long time since i’ve had an extensive picture post. okay, so maybe not, but lots happened this week. okay, that was lie #2..nothing happened this week, cept i decided to go a little crazy with the camera. i’ve noticed my lensbaby has been sitting at home alone for a long time. maybe this week i’ll take it out for excercise. for now, here’s the SOTW and et. al.


monday was bubbles and sunsets

wednesday was splatters, dunks, huf hats and crazy hooligan-ery

friday…i’ll caption that.


the t-shirt talk

john is like background music. things are always more lively with him around.

don’t fall asleep in journalism. we should go onto drawing of the face.

and, course, i went to watch A Moment with You. it was good. i enjoyed it…cept it was better afterward since i got to go everywhere [cause i was tehre for yearbook too.] it seems like everyone’s sharing their wongfu stories and stuff…i don’t really have one, cept i met them and took pictures. there was that whole part aobut being backstage and talknig to them for a while and standing on stage with them while the line grew and grew, but that’s neither here nor there.


everyone was like that when they came out.

the trio who made it happen

the trio..who..i duno. didn’t let me sit where i wanted. 🙂

WONGFU x Mr. Phillips

…well, i had to take one too, didnt i?! besides, wesley said he’s seen my pictures exciting was that for me?! very.
so, in the end, this week was great. not too great, but i did well on math tests, got to meet famous kids, and took lots of pictures. that’s okay enough for me.


7 thoughts on “wow!

  1. hekkAtekkA says:

    very nice. thanks for the pictures.

  2. jgirlie7 says:

    nice! the pic with mr philips is the best.

  3. shelalluby. i love your pictures =]

  4. easybaker721 says:

    im really, really jealous of that locker picture!  okay look in the second issue of the LL, and there’s this one article about the graffiti’d lockers!  the picture you have is 10x better than the one my friend took : (

  5. lAbsolutionl says:

    You talked with the Wong Fu dudes? Well I go to church with Wesley’s cousin. BIATCH

  6. MrHunG says:

    never went to a xanga with so many pictures… I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad one. later shelby

  7. thanks for taking pictures of jocelyn and her friends with wongfu! we appreciate it! 🙂

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