what’s that now? something new?

i’ve decided since i take so many pictures, i should pic a picture out of the entire week and have it as a “shot of the week,” which would just be my favorite shot i take that specific week. it also may be in the yearbook, so hey. sneak peekage? maybe. or maybe it’s just a picture i took for the hell of it. so..it’s the one framed in gold. can’t hurt to look.

seth&gradnight tee& old, decrepit camera.

EPIC, huh? aahahahahaha. shelby&same camera that doesn’t work.

shelby&edward; racing with chairs. edward wins.

edward&joseph: mr. brussel intervenes.

the prettiest girl i know.

if you guys had to capture a picture and the theme was  INSPIRE, what would it be of?


4 thoughts on “what’s that now? something new?

  1. Anonymous says:

    YEEEEE i’m first. because. you told me you updated. HI THANKS FOR THE MUGSHOT 🙂 my goal is to help you with your picture of the week one day. like, “hey shelby look! a cactus!” then bam, cactus in gold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fun times 😀

  3. utop1a says:

    I normally really like your photography, but i’m not feeling this radial blur nonsense.  Go back to your old style!

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