last year i did this cool little thing for the people closest to me.
this year, i think i’d have a little too much to say, so i’m going to
refrain from that. i don’t really have any wise words to impart with. i
don’t know, i just can’t find it in myself to go on great lengths about
how this year has been. sure, ups, downs, turnarounds and such, but
there aren’t really words to describe it ALL. so this year, i’m not
going to describe my year. i’ll let you describe yours. i’m sure we’ve
all been there anyways. :).



that’s all i’m putting. you all know the rest anyways, and it’d take too long to wrap up the whole year.

see you around, 2006.


3 thoughts on “farewell

  1. Anonymous says:

    YES. i made the cut. happy new years ❤

  2. dEe_jAnE says:

    kid robot. :]happy new years shelby

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