he put my stapler in jello AGAIN!

i’ve been totally hooked on The Office as of late. like. hooked. like cocaine. i love it so much. it gives me something joke about at school. to obad not too many people get it, especially in journalism. so it was weird, walknig around with a LIAR sign today…until i made john pose for me.

thanks, john.

I should have made a better sign. but whatever, sue me. i’ll add pictures tomorrow, when i get my memory cards back.


6 thoughts on “he put my stapler in jello AGAIN!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love him.

  2. alexpassesgo says:

    If you like The Office you should check out Extras. It’s Ricky Gervais’ new show, written by him too like The Office. It’s nice.

  3. dansified says:

    As Assistant Regional Manager .. Assistant to the assistant.. YES FINALLY SOME MORE OFFICE FANS

  4. aldoxu says:

    wassup shelbs. shelbs if u like the office watch the OG BRITISH SHOW which the american office is derived from of the same title THE OFFICE its like the same thing but like ownage and cuz its OG 2x ownage POW!

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