a candle and lime jello

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i’m 18, but i’m not feeling it.

…..okay, i’m a little excited.


6 thoughts on “a candle and lime jello

  1. fairlady_z32 says:

    Look at my chinky eyes … anywho.HAPPY 18TH SHELBY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. THAT CANDLE IS A PHALLIC SYMBOL. REMEMBER THAT. ITS FIRE REPRESENT YOUR TURNING 18 BORN MANHOOD. ENJOY IT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! On a side note, can’t wait till Tuesday and the potluck. Oh Thursday and VACATION too. See ya round the bend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday!!!

  3. happy bday shelby lets go get some cigarettes haha

  4. Anonymous says:

    happy bday. i love this pic. go buy a cigar

  5. bobo0_0 says:

    happy birthday! have fun this year!

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