thanks, cars, and birthday cake

i’m thankful for photography. i’m
thankful for life. i’m thankful for friends, for acrylic paint, for
peppermint mochas. for spinkles and whipped cream, for christmas songs,
for tiny snowmen finger puppets. i’m thankful for my friends, i’m
thankful for my music, for warm sweaters and cool hoodies. for fun
conversations at 1 am, prismacolor markers, and 7-Up jellybeans. for
cheap memory cards, and apple cider; christmas lights and indie flicks.
i love this time of year.

i’ve had a really great weekend. now it’s time to ruin it with UC
stuff. but it’s raining, so it’s time for pictures. friday, family went
to gilroy at 11  in the morning to shop. it was great fun, cept for the hour long wait to get into banana republic. sweaters and hoodies. vans. jeans. oakleys. fun! we got home at 4 that afternoon, and just slept. yesterday, we went to the san francsico international car show.

i didnt take too many pictures at the car show. i was really selective.
and then that same evening was my grandpa’s 80th birthday dinner. that
was great fun. 🙂

this is edwin, my little cousin. he’s 2 in january, and the cutest kid in the world.

me and the mom and sister. i’m leaning back, so it’s kinda weird. dad was somewhere else.

good. now to memorize. yeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


2 thoughts on “thanks, cars, and birthday cake

  1. Anonymous says:

    birthdays! and .. cars.<3

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