what’s up, vanilla face?

homecoming was awesome. in the morning, i went to shoot at the game. i
carried around a tripod…stupid idea, bringing it. oh well. it was a
great game.

i went stag to hoemcoming, but it was still insanely fun. tagged along
with karl and them…went to hiro sushi to eat. karl forgot his
tickets..so we had to go back to his house and get em. got there, hung
out with john and liz for a while, then realized that i didn’t need to
wait in line to get in cause i was there for yearbook, so liz, john and
i walked in. went to the gym, took pictures, and then just danced the
whole night. afterwards, i just went home and slept.

i hate uploading pics, plus everything i put up here or on my myspace
won’t get put into the yearbook, soooo…i duno. i’m not going to put
em up. cept for mines. those are going on my myspace.


6 thoughts on “what’s up, vanilla face?

  1. damn u take insanely awesome pictures. haha i used ur word =)

  2. your photo taking abilities keep getting better and better. nice job

  3. easybaker721 says:

    I’m super jealous of your football pics.  The first one you took, I tried getting one for the first page of the LL but it didn’t work!  Remember that one newspaper from nevada, the excalibur?  they had that shot and I wanted to copy them.  but i guess i cant copy them.  haha ttyl

  4. dude. your camera is so hot.

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