le D80

just awesome.


16 thoughts on “le D80

  1. suki8712 says:

    aslkgjfl;askgf COOL.

  2. fairlady_z32 says:

    as always shelby. nice pics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dude youre fucking awesome.
    that last one is sick as hell

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’m in loooooove

  5. lAbsolutionl says:

    I love how that girl’s staring at Nick.

  6. smart0ne says:

    I see me! & that last picture is craazyy. but still cool.

  7. the pics are pretty intensely dope…but i might cheap it out and get a canon powershot s2. Dunno, not sure if I want to put down the majority of a grand on a body and lens.

  8. dansified says:

    how’d you get your hands on a D80 … shit is serious shelby

  9. yeah, pretty impressive. that last shot wasn’t photoshopped at all?? if it wasnt thats amazing

  10. PROPS!! helllaa nice pictures

  11. xDfaiiona says:

    woa the last picture is helal trippy! nice nic enicneince ahaha

  12. you’re good. very good

  13. hElOw_ThErE says:

    omg.. youre camera is hella clear! i feel like its real. but yeah. the last picture is hella cool. AHH its weird lol

  14. InVisib0L says:

    Did you get a new camera?

  15. Anonymous says:

    ur pictures are soo insane. i just want to make love to ur camera.

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