rain rain, come and stay.

i love first rains. i love rain in general. i love wednesdays.



went to starbucks today with stephanie, the flower picker, and we read aloud Act I from Pygmalion. It was mighty fun, reading in accents and scaring people around us. :).

spicy extra.


5 thoughts on “rain rain, come and stay.

  1. i hate rain…… and i realize that step is in ALOT of your pics :]

  2. utop1a says:

    My design, biatttttch.  Enjoy.

  3. dEe_jAnE says:

    wow!!! are those skies from today?!thats freaking beautiful!!

  4. that is a very blue picture….gotta get around to getting an SLR. I should have went and taken my car to play in the rain but its too clean to be playing in any big mudholes yet.

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