books galore!

what a wonderful day. todd, rosie & i went to the big book sale at fort mason early today. i had expected a gajillion kids to heed mr. jackson’s advice to check out the sale, but there weren’t any familiar faces. anyways, we got there and waited in this huge line,  then we browsed books for over two hours,  including time well spent with todd frantically searching through  their incredibly large amount of comic books, trying to find gems.  While  i managed to snag a few copies of watchmen comics, todd picked up the funny ones, including “justice league europe,” and “samurai penguin.”  He grabbed  textbooks on vectors and advanced physics, rosie  loaded the cart with Tolstoy and Vidal, and, of course, i,being the scholar i am, found books like the new yorker album of drawings and politically correct bedtime stories. afterwards, we lunched at a “greasy spoon,” per todd’s penchant for old diners. while it was called “original buffalo wings,” their buffalo wings pretty much sucked balls. so, we read on the bus ride back and had a ton of fun. now for the project. 😀

bored on the bus.

books. SO many books.

our shopping cart, loaded with boxes of books.

Todd, picking out the books he didn’t want to buy.

books! and people! and books!

fun on the bus ride back.

good times. notice the book i’m by Mr. “J”. ;).


One thought on “books galore!

  1. BIGboYBeNnY says:

    i have to say, your xanga is the best. so many pictures and captons to go with it. i just got lost for about an hour. no joke see you at your locker tmo hot stuff ;]

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