the artsy one.

having two classes where the focal point is photography…in one day…leads to a shitload of pictures. i should stop soon and actually make some posts worth reading…but for now i guess this is all i got. still, reader, i don’t think you can deny the fact you look at every one of these pictures. photo posts used to be rare, but now, i have to bring the thing every day. it’s like a day by day yearbook, but without the really good pictures [which..i’m saving for the real yearbook]. but this is fun to maintain, and it’s fun to know people look at my stuff and that some people like what i do.

besides…nobody wants to read about teenage angst anymore. that emo stuff is old.

isn’t she pretty?

jedis in journalism.

“all the ladies want to get carnal with me…because i’m SUCH a premium dancer.”

[NOT my idea. it was a ruse to hide the ball from hensley..cause he didnt want us doing stupid stuff (which we ended up doing). ‘course, he didn’t notice.]


i was on my back.

then came gaby’s fisheye…man. rocked my socks, but i forgot to change the focus [cause its hard to tell whats in focus & what’s not] so while i took a bajillion pictures…only these came out well.





noaaah tha BOSS.


this one is focused. find where. it’s like where’s waldo!


too much light. weird effect, eh?

like in a bubble.

then, i went home, and realized i had forgotten my keys. so i sat in my backyard…and waited.

there’s always the most interesting crap in backyards.

the end.


7 thoughts on “the artsy one.

  1. dEe_jAnE says:

    i like the “weird light effect” one. its really nice & peaceful looking =)im jealous of your picture skills! grrrr. >=( teehee. 😛

  2. jgirlie7 says:

    love the pics! you should post more. oh and thx for making me feel better about the lightsaber thing 🙂

  3. easybaker721 says:

    wow your school looks so CLEAN.  and modern.  lincoln high looks disgusting from the 1943275153 students that go to it every day.

  4. you have a fat erection in that pic up there. its ball shaped

  5. dansified says:

    fish eye lense 😦 get a TS lense, shit is intense

  6. dansified says:

    fish eye lense 😦 get a TS lense, shit is intense

  7. dansified says:

    you need to take our dudes senior car photo too shelbmeister

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