watched everything is illuminated yesterday…wonderful movie. i’m beginning to dig indie flicks.

friday was fun. i don’t think i’ve had such a relaxed day at school in a long while. now, i’m slaving away on my government project, hoping to finish soon. before i die of boredom.

art’s pretty fun now, cause of dino and noah.

journalism’s also looking up. between talking to steph, playing soccer with balloons, getting stuff taped up everywhere, and taking dogs ransom, the fun doesn’t end.

yearbook WAS fun, with my great mustache (see profile picture) but then i found out jason was kicked off. which absolutely makes us fucked. we can’t stand for this.

so, back to government & death.

didn’t feel like making a new post, so here’s September 11th.

seems right out of a horror flick, eh?

not my idea.

lunchtime, there was the thing in center court…snapped up quite a few there.


One thought on “

  1. dEe_jAnE says:

    america, the beautiful. i sang that in choir today. =)

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