yearbook camp wasn’t a big deal. it wasn’t fun to explore, like stanford was. the food wasn’t too great- the rice on day one was so bad we ordered pizza. classes were long and sometimes drawn out, and breaks were at odd times of the day. not having a roommate was nice, but when i was actually in the dorm it was kind of eerie, not to mention lonely. for these three days though, i don’t think any of it was a major problem.

when not in class, we would go back to arcie’s room, and we would discuss the yearbook and new ideas. i think THAt was yearbook camp for me- getting to know the people i’ll be working with next year and letting htem know who i am without the extra pressure of school. it was very relaxed, very laid back, and just fun. when i left, i was excited. it’s going to be exciting- it’s going to be such a great yearbook and it’s going to be a great year.

speaking of a great year…got my schedule.

01. APEnglish: Jackson
02. APCalculusBC: Peel
03. Art: Jackson
04. Journalism: Hensley
05. APUSGovernment: Beal
06. Yearbook: Mullins

fun stuff, eh?
i look forward to it though. i don’t want to fuck up this year, ’cause it’s senior year. i’m going to make this awesome. this is the last, last, last step. but nobody said we’d take it alone, right? and everyone’s on the same boat; everyone is taking this step with us, and that’s how i know there’s no way in the world we can fail.’s some pics from yearbook camp.


6 thoughts on “

  1. easybaker721 says:

    3 AP classes!  i feel for you buddy.

  2. mr jackson and mrs peel? awesome.

  3. bobo0_0 says:

    mm.. that first picture is amazing..

  4. Anonymous says:

    you’re getting muchos creative.. er at pictures ! i cannot wait to see your face but i dread schoolio. we have journalism only. boosauce

  5. hmm i have english w/ you

  6. :(. IM GOING TO BE THE DUMB ONE IN THAT CLASSS. LOL all we need is karl chang in that class. lmao

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