you know when you’re with a person…and you two are just talking…and all the sudden you just can’t stop smiling? and an hour goes by, and another hour…and another…and you still can’t stop smiling, just cause you’re so mind-numbingly ecstatic with seeing that person. you end up looking like a total moron and your cheeks begin to hurt and you begin to try to stop but you know you can’t. you know that feeling?

i love it.

also…i got a new* camera. 1981 Minolta XG-M. It uses film, it’s heavy
as hell, doesn’t really work indoors, and i have to crank it every time
i take a picture.  lovin’ it. 🙂

some assembly required.


and up! ahah..

and now i’m all ready to go.

[* relatively speaking]


2 thoughts on “

  1. wow. when did you get this?

  2. Empty_MT says:

    Nice camera. I like Minoltas.

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