a post with pictures but no witty captions. i must say, this is a first. so, as you may be able to tell, i went to the city. not this week, mind you, but last week. when it was still cold.

anyways…one day, i want to go to san francisco with my camera(s) and just..shoot. start from embarcadero, go up to old chinatown, market street, diamond heights (maybe.), golden gate bridge, sunset/ocean beach, and end at twin peaks. what an adventure that would be. and i’d want to do it all on muni. :D. oh, and a friend to go with me. that’d be cool too. i guess.


6 thoughts on “

  1. bobo0_0 says:

    that first picture is the best.. could do better.. but very nice combination.

  2. ahah man. when was the last time it was foggy over geary and clement?

  3. fairlady_z32 says:

    dude that 99 tl in the second to last picture, thats me and my mom. LOL im serious

  4. fairlady_z32 says:

    haha man i was just messing with you, if it was a friday probably not. whats the license plate on that one? anywho does a kick ass sports section equal myself as sports editor? lol i highly doubt anyone has even close to the knowledge in journalism. well it is soon man. too soon lol but cant wait.

  5. xDfaiiona says:

    i use to always walk down richmond district after ballet classes :[

  6. easybaker721 says:

    whattttt!  i cant believe you came to SF and didnt tell me!
    P.S. if you’re gonna make a trip all on muni, bring lots of change!  and wear sweatshirts so you wont get hollered at.  haha.

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