i’m home.! not that anyone noticed i was gone, but still.

stanford was awesome. first day was a weird cause i didn’t know anyone
and i thought all the good lookin’ gals were in the EPGY program…but
after dinner i went to class and i was wrong. about the only hot chicks
being in EPGY. [actually, there weren’t any hot chicks in EPGY.

we first learned about newswriting. later in the day was feature
writing and we had to do profile interviews. i just so happened to be
paired off with a very cool [and kinda cute] girl. too bad she lives in
linden and there’s no way in hell we can keep in touch.

after that, adam [a new friend- he lived down the hall], cam [roomie]
and i started to play soccer with a ball i bought. more people came.
there were some kids [isaiah, terrence, lupe, axel, tyrell] who wanted
to play who were from the boot camp across our dorm building. so they

the next day, there was a supposed…”dance party.” adam and i went
outside with tyrell and axel and they had their own little stereo
so…tyrell hooked it up and started dancing by himself. soon, eveyrone
from the inside…”party” came outside to where we were. it was fun.

wednesday, adam and i went to stanford stadium and did nothing. came back, hung out with the black kids and had fun.

thursday, we left.
so i doubt anyone read that, just ’cause it was so long. but…here’s
photos, for the illiterates. [and the lazy people who actually CAN
read, but deny the fact they can]

WHOO! haven’t photoblogged in so long. let’s see if i remember how to do this.

oh, trancos.

first day. clean dorm.

tresidder union! they had a convenience store…:D

check out them stanford frat houses!

and..there’s the room on day two. messy, huh

the ball. some people actually won real trophies for writing…this was MY trophy.

i thought this thing was the shit. i wanted to stand there and just read the flyers, but, alas, soccer doesnt wait for anyone.

adam the emo kid and ..part of cam.

in class…

out of class.! whoopppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Video HostingUpload VideoVideo Sharing

Video HostingUpload VideoVideo SharingDance party? yeah. ahahah

hoover tower at twilight


two black kids, a chinese guy, a mexican, and a tongan. multicultural clluuuuubbbb

adam y yo.

this camp was amazingly fun. really. really. really. i didn’t want to leave. but i had to.



7 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    AHHH i hope you’re having fun! sd is coool beans. was my favorite person there? I MISS YOU. i will come back. we will play. we will talk. how’s that for writing? (i’m so weird now)

    i can’t believe i didn’t think of it before.
    anyway. i will tell you later.

  3. SHIT. that looked hella fun.

  4. easybaker721 says:

    hey shelby it’s jocelyn from j-camp!  cool pictures.  haha, your desk looked identical to mine!  the goldfish, newspapers, and water bottles scattered all over the place i mean.  ttyl!

  5. thepenguinxp says:

    haha things are school i guess, how about you? are you graduating?? i don’t remember how old you are. hope things are good and everything!

  6. Anonymous says:

    id like one of those little stanford balls.. in basketball please.

  7. MrHunG says:

    I saw you in the cafateria. jk u shoulda went two weeks earlier = /

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