i want to be a pirate.

…but with a PhD. that makes money. that doesn’t die of sea-faring diseases. that has a great condo overlooking San Francisco when not sailing the seven seas. that has a steady income. that lives successfully.

…aww hell, just give me an eyepatch and a spiffy pirates hat and we’ll call it even.

i love penny arcade.


4 thoughts on “

  1. wow… such big dreams, tiny… hahaha…
    just remember no penis in vagina!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    pirates……….. ❤

  3. Pilfering is a serious skill. You can be an urban pirate, cruising through the city robbing only the most fashionable stores of the best clothing. My kung fu teacher supplied the sabers and swords for pirates of the carrebian 3. He lent them to the crew and they replicated a lot of them, suppositely for the chow yung fat character in the 3rd movie. Chinese pirates!!!!! DOPE!

  4. taoqaz says:

    haha i hella love penny arcade

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