talent show pics! some are blurry cause of bad lighting, but it [the show] was awesome! well…for the parts i stayed for, anyways.

element 94 opened up, but all my other pics are blurry and not as cool.

reincarnation “got it started”

and David did the first of many asian songs of the night.

i forgot their names, and i dont remember if they were particularily good. oh well.


his guitar was whispering.

pearl was good, and she sang a good song.

jonothan and brian were really..really good. ! i didn’t even expect it; i should have filmed it.

annie and addi were really good too, with their violin/viola piece.

ballet bores me, but these were wonderful pictures to take.

they played some shitty song, i think.

the coolest picture i ahve of aftermath

the glowstickers.

the koreans. and one white guy. but maybe he;s korean too, so yeah.

i liked nate and company. they weren’t bad.

another chinese song.

such a COOL PICTURE! well, i think so. dustin was pretty crazy with that bass…

and on to my absolutamente favorite.

absolutely, wondrously, amazingly amazing. no superlatives. good job just doesnt cover it.

Video HostingUpload VideoPhoto Sharing

Video HostingUpload VideoPhoto Sharing

a story to pull at the heartstrings:

during jennifer’s performance there was a lady crouching next to me in the aisle, taking a video of jen singing. i noticed this but didn’t pay it any mind, cause lots of people record jen. anyways, after jen was done singing and i was talking to humphrey about how awesome jen was, the lady stands up and leans over and says, “did you think she was good?” i vigorously nodded my head, and then she smiled, looked at the stage and said with a voice full of pride, “That’s my daughter.”

okay.! that’s all.


10 thoughts on “

  1. shame shame.. didn’t stay long enough to see us.. :[

  2. RAV1NGROSY says:

    haha, the people singing the first mandarin duet were yafine and…some girl. i know because the sophmores i was sitting with were really excited to hear him. apparently he’s really really really quiet but whenever he lists his interests (on a xanga, myspace, whatever) he lists singing as one of them. and until friday they had never heard him sing.you got some pretty awesome pictures shelby!

  3. Some girl as in Michelle.

  4. blo0op_xd says:

    aww that’s so cute ( jen’s mom )

  5. Anonymous says:

    you’re an awesome photographer. and I love the heartfelt story, though I heard it last night 🙂

  6. xDfaiiona says:

    jenniufer’s mom sat next to me and justin last year and was like after he performance * thats my daughter * !

  7. Anonymous says:

    YAY FOR YOU. you are a sweety. too bad i’m so fat.

  8. you’re like hella ready for yearbook :]

  9. taoqaz says:

    o hey element 94.
    thats one of my favorite bands.

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