boy i think i’m too lazy to put up all the pictures i took…and i have a few from spring break. here goes.

went to the braves and giants game last last sunday. or was it last last last?…sunday before spring break.

it was a good day.

with some good seats.

and…do i even have to say it?

…blackberry green tea. it’s not bad, actually, despite how it looks..really weird.

it was like christmas.

christina bores people.

all that construction and still, sigh, nowhere to park.

those were my boring camera’s pictures. now for…the yet-to-be-named journalism camera which i have had to play with for 3 days now.

these are goooood. really.

ms. dreyer’s orchids.

i..painted my chucks.

a light fixture?

optimus prime likes to do handstands on todd’s back in calculus.

steph took this awesome picture. no bailando con…spurs.

happy halloween.

and then i figured out how to do THIS on the camera…and my life changed.

pretto’s pretty rosy.

and……this one’s pretty damn awesome. and my favorite.

greg jumps pretty high.

my comics finally came on saturday.

then we went out to san francisco.

look anywhere in the city and you’ll find somethingi nteresting. and that’s what i did. no captions for the following.

we went to a show.

city hall looks good at night.

went up to twin peaks. even tohugh i grew up in san francisco and visit it on a weekly basis, i’ve never been up to twin peaks. kinda makes me a sad sad soul. not anymore though.

kinda blurry, but i was fumbling cause i was running out of memory & batteries and i had no tripod. still….breathtaking. i want to go back up, ready to take some killer pictures.

then today….

this is what mr. hensley told me to take the picture of fortgang for. :).

arcie needs to stop being really really really ridiculously good looking.

gummy bears and history. that yellow one seems to have developed a spot of leprosy.

anyways, that’s it. it’s late. i’m apprehensive for SAT scores i did terribly on my SATs and i’m disappointed. mom’s angry cause of my score so..yeah. fuck that. and finals are this week for history. agkjdfkjhndf.


7 thoughts on “

  1. dEe_jAnE says:

    dude.. i  love your photographic skills! and i especially love the orchid picture. lets go to random place and take pictures! 😀 hahaha

  2. Anonymous says:

    awesome show.. fortgang hahahaah i love him.

  3. i think we should go on a date and take lots of pics together

  4. bobo0_0 says:

    orchids would have to be the best.

  5. i like the spot color pictures. =)

  6. yum garlic fries! LOL where’s that flyer of fortgang!?!

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