life’s been looking up lately. the weather has been dreary but it’s no real reflection of my mood. SATs are coming up this saturday, but i’m calm. i hope i do well.

nobody looks at this thing anymore, but i have new pictures [some are old and i jsut never took the time to upload em] random and form today’s food faire. yaaaay.

[taken with the tank]

lean, john. leeeaaan.

..and there’s leo.

tiffany enjoys reading the newspaper….can’t you tell?

branches and sky.

yayyyy for lens flares.

playing with the manual focus in 6th.

“wtFUCK is this?!”

they love each other.

and pretto hands out an invisible toast.

i keep telling her i voted for her. which i did. but i do it so much it’s annoying. anyways, it looks like anthony’s possessed in this picture.

potato skins @ ebar

the unoccupied playing field at silicon valley regionals

leonard and i wearing our super-safe goggles.!

our robot was FUELED ON CRUNK!

playing field

google was there…they gave out flashing pins. they’re pretty awesome.



the hues are amazing.

[these are now with my exilim]

john! and his friends! wait that’s william. and …some kid i don’t really know. can you say..moded, john?

good pasta, aaron?

howard and the mass of people.

noah…with a questionable expression on his face.

and karl likes cotton candy. or, as the sign promoted, “COXXON” candy.


4 thoughts on “

  1. i like the google pin. =)

  2. dEe_jAnE says:

    what is karl doing? what a dork. tee hee… i want some cotton candy, even though i dont like cotton went to the robotic thing?! my friends went cuz they on the teamand they also got free google stuff. :]

  3. I need to start keepin a photo journal like this, but I need to get a ncie camera first…too much money..Speaking of pics, if you liked the last ones…you’ll LOVE these…Check out my latest entrypeace!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you need some serious updating man. and i love the way you post freaking 320480384 pictures and get 1 comment. NICE gg no re.

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