so lately i’ve been taking a lot of pictures. not normal picture. more like pictures that reflect on things i feel, and pictures that show how i see the world. i’ve given them names, but they can mean for you whatever you wish.

Heritage. [the sun was coming into the room and it caught on the gold base of the small lion’s head. For fivedollars at Chinatown, it’s surprising how such a small thing can symbolize so much.]

Nuclear Winter. [kind of dreary, isn’t it? we were doing some reading on nuclear bombs today and this picture reminded me of that one phrase “nuclear winter.” do you see it?]

Pastimes. [i do not think baseball still accurately reflects itself as America’s “national pastime” but it sure makes a good symbol of sports, and even hobbies in general.]

Pines [for lack of a better title]

Visibility and Telephones. [the sun provides the visibility? get it? hah. but originally i wanted to call it “our means of visibility” when i realized i’d look pretty stupid…cause that’s a telephone pole…and it doesn’t give us light.]

Crossroads. [one of my favorites; taken at my cross-street.]

Eensy Weensy Spider… Roll.  self explanatory. favorite picture(s) of the week. maybe month. hands down.

Dailies. [these are the things i wear everyday. duh.]

Sunrise. [that’s all.]

no. idea.

two of my favorite teachers, trying to look cool. but failing msierably. look at how seirous pretto is. wow.

oh, and one for you naruto fans.


okay that wasn’t a lot, but that was…eh whatever. oh, but i’d like to know which ones you guys likedm ost, cause im trying to put together a portfolio for yearbook..and yea. thanks.!


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