i was lazy all week. so i waited waited waited to post pics. and now i have …a lot of pictures. brace yourself.

last saturday:

my first picture of mills’ front entrance.

little lucca is the..best.

ate with this crazyyy guy. some good times.

then off to albertson’s for some old fashioned money beggin’.

she’s a sad sad girl.

max demonstrates a kick to the side of liz’s head. about 8 times.

valentine’s day:

a little…desperate. but i can make a story with the pictures i took.

oo, some long stemmed roses. let’s zoom out.

karl drops the roses he was gonig to give away. picture him throwing his head back and screaming out “WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!”

they started to play songs. but karl had nobody to dance with.

AN IDEA! he has an idea!

“leonard, will you take this rose?” “…no.” SHOT DOWN BY LEONARD. . Don’t be sad karl. all hope is not lost!

pretto would LOVE it! see?!

and they kinda lived happily ever after.

kevin looks over; he’s rudolph. see the red on his nose?

and the best picture ever. brian is forced by mr. pretto to tuck in his
shirt and to pull up his pants. determined resignation marks his face.


john papayas sweeps.



it was raining so i took some pictures.

i find it so hard to show the rain. im constantly trying to find new angles to show raining.

eh. i liked it. looks weird though, because the picture is a teeny bit blurry.

then it was off to karl’s:

POCKYMAN! the evolution of GOOGLEMAN. [i have hsi shirt. asswipe]

aaron’s no thug.


while karl teaches me how to play guitar. looks like i really know what i’m doing, huh? cept..wth? where’s the pick?!

a while later, i fell asleep.

i was awakened by sounds of fighting. greg lunged at aaron, who grabbed
greg and went BERSERK LIKE THE HULK when humphrey jumped in.

alex missed the action, so greg tried to give him some. by humping him. for like 20 minutes.

after 3 hours of the most uncomfortable sleep ever, i woke up, went
outside, and took pictures. and almost broke my neck because karl’s
#$&%ing deck froze over during the night.


this is what our “party” was.

chilling out, burning up and freezing in karl’s room.

everyone was up cept for karl..so greg and humphrey got into bed with him.

didn’t work, so here’s greg trying to play the guitar to serenade karl

and here’s MY ATTEMPT [i look so fruity]


damn, look at that expression. doesn’t look like he’s off the ground, huh?

well look at THAT! [almost broke the thing.]

we then had to trek down from karl’s [top of hillcrest] to the bart station. gg, seriously no fucking re.

some pretty good photo ops.

i like this picture. coming of the storm.

HOLY CRAP IT LOOKS like they are runing form the cops! like the scene from E.T.?! hahahahaha.

why’s he so shocked?

..bye karl.

it’s like my newest bible or something.

so, i have a gakillion flashcards to do, and after watching DATE MOVIE
[which sucked aboslutely bull testicles] i have the biggest headache
a[actualyl not anymore; thank god for advil] nd angkjdsngakjng. so yeah.


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  1. dang you didn’t put em all up. o well, nice picture taking. time for me to steal em

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