school’s been boring lately, so last night as i was putting off history, i came up with a fun idea. i decided on bringing my camera and taking super-random pictures. i’ve had a bunch of people ask me if i was in yearbook, but i’m not, so i guess it’s kinda creepy. but whatever. it makes school a tad bit fun, and makes me look at mills from a different vantage point.

day 1: 0209

a drawing i did for a chinese new year contest. they wouldn’t let me submit it since they “claimed” my email was late. but it wasn’t. assholes.

vince laughing his ass off


claire, derek, and journalism etc.

an exit sign. reminds me of the “boy Meets World” episode where shawn and cory pretend they’re in a band and they call themselves “the exits.” those were the days.

rosegrams! and what is this singles awareness day? that’s like..super emo.

this is all leadership does. and nothing else. just this. just kidding, guys. πŸ™‚

reminds me of the pinecone moose my cousin has. or maybe it’s another animal. or maybe he doesnt have one at all. still, it’d be cool to have a cousin with a pinecone moose.i’d name him piney and feed him twigs

ms. noisysmile. she’s cute, no? and THAT SHIRT’S TOO AWESOME. I WONDER WHERE SHE GOT IT. πŸ˜‰ we reached our goal.!

charming, isn’t it? we all love jennifer chung.

UNKOWNMAN! actually i know his name’s kiyong, but he doesn’t know i know so don’t tell him i know cause then i can’t pretend to not know, you know?


it’s [insert edit] r!ck! but i just know who he is. he asked me if it was for yearbook and i promptly stated “no.” then i go “it’s for myself.”

…and that’s when i knew i say stupid things sometimes.

took a long time for john to come out of his shell like that. you’re all lucky to see this side of john.

i wouldn’t let biance do her ghetto peace sign, but i did manage to get a pretty picture of her smiling. πŸ™‚

brian madriaga, trying to show me some words with his fingers.

meanmugging afredito.

sleepy john. did you guys know i knew him since 4th grade when we went to school in SF together?

joan. and the back of benjamin’s head.

bored during class….

so i drew a [bad] picture.

bye.! wait for day two.!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m noisily smiling at the ugly picture up there.:D

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice pictures!(My name is “R!ck”)Other than that … awesome.

  3. xtrack4x2k1 says:

    that chinese new year picture is soo fucken awesome!

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