it’s not as if he planned on it. he had been taking out the trash when
he happened to glance upward. stars galore. figured; it was a beautiful
night. maybe it would mean a beautiful day. the crisp night air
enveloped him, and as he breathed slower, watching the wisps of
whiteish silver escape and dissolve into the depths of the night. the
stars caught his eye again. they glimmered like winking eyes of sirens
of the deep, singing their song, captivating him. One of them
shimmered; a light green aqua color. Was it just him? Stars in San
Francisco always seemed so artificial, as if drawn on a board; without
life, without registration. they were radiant here, in hues of color
that seemed to only be seen through his eyes. he sat down on the
driveway; the ground was a little wet, but his jeans and shirt were
dirty anways. As he looked up, the stars unfolded to him, a huge
interstellar map, laid out before his eyes. he looked longingly at the
spot next to him, wishing she were there. turning, he cursed himself
silently for wishing such a thing, and resumed his gaze. superlatives
were just that; superlatives. nothing could possibly begin to explain
the inexplicable splendor of these seemingly infinitesimal balls of
pulsating ‘fire’. turning again, he began to wish for her presence, but
stopped. speaking softly but clearly, he whispered, “it’s not so
bad, being alone.”


3 thoughts on “

  1. wat are u trying to say man.

  2. holy sweet mother of everything awesome. if that was you then by friggin goodness you are one hek of a writer. that was the best thing i have ever read from you, loved it

  3. dang this is really good…lol 5k=5,000 fool

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