happy birthday, 2006.

as i was outside at first staring up into the night sky, i began to
think of things i did this year and the person i was, and a thought
struck me. i haven’t been a very good…person overall this year. i
haven’t been diligent, and in the cases where i have it’s been
spotty…and i haven’t been a really good person; sure it may sound
like i’m “fishing” here but i honestly think that i could have been a
better person…more honest, more diligent, a better friend. in spite
of it al, i still think i have done pretty darned well. sure, not 100%,
but hey- i don’t ahve the highest expecations, so..yep. thanks to all
those who have had to put up with me at my worst…thanks to those
who’ve listened through and held up for me. you have no idea of my
gratification. er…i don’t want this to be all corny; i’d rather it be
humorous, and witty. so ermm…well i’m drawing blanks here. i really
should have bought that book on repartee. oh well. happy new year,

when i was in the sixth grade, my sixth grade teacher would tell us all
that saying “rabbit rabbit” first thing on the first day of a month was
good luck. i try to remember to say it, for reasons unknown, but yeah.
i just remembered and thought to share the luck. :). [i
have no promises that it will work, but hey; two words aren’t that hard
to say. it’s not like that super tricky luck potion that requires
boomslang skin and lacewing flies and brewing of two months. but then
again it’s not as effective. ] Ta.

well it’s that time of the year again. in ten days, we’re going to be
sitting up until 12:00 and wishing each other happy new year on AIM and
posting flashing, glowing “happy new year” messages on myspace, and
watching old, tired movies that we’ve all seen a million times. or
maybe we’ll have a few friends over and play a nice board game and
watch movies. and get totally, absolutely blasted. or whatever.
the point is, it’s almost the end of the year. now, i admit there has
been times this year where i’ve felt like absolute shit and wanted to
hurtle myself down the empire state building into a lake of acid. but,
feelings pass and friends stay, so all in all, it’s been a wonderful
year, like always.

so, here’s my stroll down memory lane. won’t you join me?

p.e. posse.!
skipping p.e.
power outage day
failing my first class
my first doubleshot
Stephanie Ellen Chan
AP physics
bringing ebonics back into the school system
krispy kremes and be cool
MRT regionals
shoe addiction
ipod thieves
camera adventures in journalism
five hour AP test
Michelle Lynn Chiu
tuesday morning starbucks
death of my camera
stanford and hillsdale with nick
reading in coffee shops
rebirth of my camera
the postal service – nothing better
CSM health with teresa wang
aurora snowhisper
laserIVs and spacejams
kicking quote test ass
news editor
lack of 6th period
lock gets stolen
PSATs and raisin pie
APUSH insanity sets in
shelbybear is born
GG aviators
the boondock saints
food fair
ipod nano
the gift πŸ™‚
de young museum
fall out boy
cedric dies
return of frosty
pretto mask
trigger treat
good night and good luck
olive garden
free ninety-nine
Terry Kawi
my hands hurt
the tank [marcus’ camera]
Melanie Lo
Goblet of Fire
black friday
flower shoes
my pet human
“i love music”
light of her life πŸ™‚

journalism bonds don’t break

peppermint mochas

secondhand serenade

lunchtime talk with a snowman
noisy smiles
christmas cards
biblical disaster
cars + legos
library studying
final asskicking.

well, that ends it. some of those may make people scratch their heads and others smile as they remember the memory.

now, for some pictures.



okay. it’s been VERY VERY LONG. like almost two hours.now since i
started working on this post, and now, for the most important part.

Mister Nicholas Joseph Kwan
It’s amazing how quickly time passes
by; i’ve already known  you for more than a year now. it seems as
if we’ve known each other for so much long, with all the talking we do.
sure, shit goes down and we make fun of each other, but it’s all in
good fun. i can’t belive you ended up first on my list to write about
though. geez. we’re fucking cool; don’t let anything get in the way of
that. especially girls. sorry for before, but as we know, it’s cool.
*cool guy handshake*

Miss Michelle Lynn Chiu

So. You. I really, really can’t believe it’s only been a year. we
haven’t exactly talked for hours on end about things, nor have we had
really really fun times outside of school. but that doesn’t even
matter. even tohugh i spend so little time with you…like only one
class a day, four classes a week, i still consider you one of the 
the greatest friends i have and can ever have. we don’t talk everyday
so it’s impossible to get tired of me.

but in all seriousness, i will really, really miss you when you
graduate at the end of this year and move away. i hope we can always
keep in touch. i hope next year we do more talks in journalism; i hope
to get closer with you. i’m quite honest when i say that it’s quite
unbearable to think of living life without you to help me out. ❀
all the way till infinity.

Miss Stephanie Ellen Chan

. I think i am right when i say
that i want to nickname you the roller coaster kid. really now; this
year was such a…roller coaster, for reasons unspeakable. even though
i’ve been messed sometimes and i got you really really mad at me many,
many times, and our friendship has fluctuated like a sine [or cosine]
graph, it has been really, really great being your friend. i love
talking to you, and you’re just so different to talk to that it’s
refreshing. things happen, words are said, but i really do hope we stay
friends through the thick of it all. really, i do. it’d be the worst thing in the world to lose a friend like you.

Miss Melanie Lo

I haven’t known you for long at all, like some of the other people on
the list. i think it’s been just a year, or maybe a little over. but
that doesn’t mean your message will be shortest. on the contrary, it’ll
probably be pretty long. you, melanie lo, are one of the few people
that i have cherished talking to this year. we have not always been
able to talk to each other without things being awkward, and i admit,
there are always those silences, but i think that is just because i am
shy. we have started talking more recently, and i must admit it has
been wonderful. you’re all the things i said in that card i gave you
and more. we still ahve one more year; i hope that you and i can get to
be closer friends; i really cannot imagine what this year would have
been without meeting you. i don’t think i would be anyone near who i am
today, and for that i am eternally grateful, melanie lo.

Miss Claire Jun

I hope you know that i am not only the light in your life, but i can
call you the light in mine as well. i have known you for four years,
soon to be five, and i don’t remember ever talking to you as much as i
do now. then, we had physics last year together and we started to greet
each other and talk a little in class. i was happy with that already,
but i had no idea it was just the tip of the iceberg. this year, ahving
you in journalism is great. we’ve started talking a lot more. “A lot
more” is not really a lot, but like you said…when we do talk, it is
as if we had never stopped. we “click”; we know what each other is
thinking and we share the same tastes in a lot of things
[ahem*labels*ahem]. so thank you, claire, for everything. next year
will be so much better. so much.

Mister Karl Chang

you’re not really worth this, since you’re not going to read it for a
while with you not ahving a computer and all. but i’m going to write it
anyways, because you’re like..my best friend. you always come over for
no reason and we never do anything at my house; we just sit around and
chill. but it’s cool, cause we don’t need any of that sharing stuff.
but it’d be refreshing for you to listen once in a while. thanks for
having my back sometimes, and thanks for leaving me high and dry more
times. GG.

Miss Terry Kawi

you’re on this because you’re
going to hurt me if y ou are not. but just kidding; i had all the
intention of including you; even though you poked my eye out and call
me ugly all the time. you’re a good person, and when i ask you for
advice you usually give me the most sensible. i love how you keep it
real; no point in hiding behind false facades, right?
. anyways, you’re very important to me. like really. thank you for all the help,  thank you for all the lovely words you put on my papers; thank you the most for being yourself.

wow. so like, that took a while [like 3 hours]. happy readings.


12 thoughts on “

  1. okayyyy. so maybe i didn’t get a mention in your lovely montage about memories, or your little personalized doo-dad.
    but there is a PICTURE of ME! and lookit–i am SKINNY. oh, shelbs. *bursts into tears* i heart you sooo muuuuuch, thaaaank yoooouuu!

  2. wow dude. too good. shit swimmers we are. we get out of it

  3. cpc3_115 says:

    oh yay. good stuff! thaankkks!!

     shoes! spraypaint!! whoooo ❀

    <333333333 TO INFINITI πŸ˜‰


  6. Anonymous says:

    you’re sweet.
    don’t forget to talk to me during break

  7. you’re wonderful, you know?
    Even though we don’t talk that much, you’re easy to talk to, and a very good listener. And you really care about all our problems even when you have your own to deal with. and that is partly why you are so wonderful. the other part is simply that you are shelbybear. πŸ˜€

  8. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the paragraph, and thank you for the card, AND thank you for the letter. and how could i forget, thank you for the physics shirt!!! it helped a lot πŸ™‚ :). enjoy break. i’ll be seeing you hecks of soon!

  9. Anonymous says:

    you drink too much starbucks! i wish i did 8)
    and i promise i’ll give you your movie back

  10. Anonymous says:

    be safe!!

  11. taoqaz says:

    happy new year buddy.

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