it’s stupid to post after my end of the year post…i knew i did it too early. sigh.

so erm…i just got back form vegas. well it was a few days ago,
but..yeah.i’m bored so here’s some pictures for you bored people out
there. and by “some” i mean a lot.

on the road. the long, long, long accursed nine hour road. but a tad more interesting.

one of those lone casino/hotels you see out in the desert.

bellagio. πŸ™‚

one of their many signs. i liked O. it was really, really good. [even tohugh i saw it a few years back]

5PM on the dejected end of the Strip

fashion show mall. the stupid one that ws closed on christmas day and thwarted my shopping hunger.

hi edwin. πŸ™‚ my newest cousin, almost a year old. it’s extremly
difficult to get a good picture of him; he moves so much. oh, and this
time was the first time i figured out something to make him laugh. i
was so proud.

Strip view from our hotel room.

sun sets over Vegas. and a floating lamp. [stupid, stupid lamp…]

don’t walk to Paris. get it? *nudge*

i don’t know what htis was aobut. i was waiting to cross the street.

the eiffel tower imposter

lights at bellagio. it was the 12AM watershow, on Christmas Eve
[technically Christmas Day]. which made it more special. yeah, it did.
don’t argue.


Strip at night. That may be a command. Be wary.


Laterns [or light fixtures] at Wynn

quasi-spiral escalators at wynn.

the superhuge piece of glass that was wow.

spiral escalators at caesar’s forum shops

erm..yeah. the ceiling.

escalator ride took so damned long.

i jsut noticed it’s pretty dark down at those shops.

a funnily-shaped cloud. what do you think it looks like? i think it
looks like a seraphim. see? it’s holding out it’s wings behind him and
its bent forward.

guess how long the line at the Wynn buffet was. or time, rather.

fice, freaggin’ hours. 4:30, we arrived. 6:00 i call melanie to wish her merry christmas. 9:20 we got seated. _ _”

lamb, king crab, swordfish, sturgeon, crepes, wowwowowowowow i want more now.

louis vuitton. like..the third one in vegas.

after the hustle and bustle of daytime. i swear, if there was any other store i’d rather rob more…

i found this humorous. is it in bad taste?

it was a tad dusty.

erm…just clouds.

a strom approaches. [but it never quite did]

i duno why.

Strip again at night. ;]

i was..joking but my cousin actually took the picture.

SHELBYBEAR! [it took me forever to find the “Y”] and look! [i didnt
notice it before, but] it says “ITS” on the top. i didn’t even know.

i wonder how many colors of the same flavored candy they need to have.

some drinks for the long, long, long accursed ride home.

hello, my newest favorite book. [actually i’ve had it for a long time but i just reread it and loved it again.]

so it was pretty fun.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    why do you always get to go to cool places 😦
    take me with you next time.
    i love babies ❀

  2. Anonymous says:

    i want the greeeeeeeey. we shall match one day! haha my bag’s in the pic of the lv store :):) yummy haha. WE’LL HANG OUT NEXT TIME. stupid holidays.

  3. Anonymous says:

    5 hours jeeeeez. happy new years eve! i won’t be seeing you tomorrow but how about after my cheeks are less swollen? (wisdom teeth pulled out on… wednesday) yup. and jan. 2 i’m learning to drive… soo…. eahewjlrja;fds just call me πŸ™‚ bye!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    btw, i got 1 wrong on my permit test. *BOWS* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)!

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