back from reno.

lots of reading left; grapes of wrath is boring when you have to read it.

finals.! eek.
spanish perusing; untouched

calculus studying; commencing

apushistory cramming session; in progress. extra credit project; contemplating
journalism layouts; done. journalism appreciation; done with somebody. :]
english project; brainstorming
teacher’s aide? studying? HAH

pictures, like i promised. but they’re of scenery, so it might not be fun for you.

my pet human.

gulls on friday

one of the best cds i’ve bought in a long while. completed the friday, really.

set out for reno early saturday morning. saw no snow; dampened spirits

oh my gosh! a big red fire engine!

snow or not; some of the pics sure turned out well.

then..a hint of snow!!

and a little more…

and more!

lots of pictures of trees; be warned now.


pretty, huh? just wait till you see the rest, then.

boreal + redbull. too bad we had no time to do any boarding. i forgot why we stopped here though.


kinda useless, huh?

we came across this field next to boreal; cousins wanted to go “sledding” so we stopped for a while.

one of my favorites.

i took it as a photo op

prettttty cool.

after a while i broke away and trekked off on a perilous quest to capture some smashing pictures.

found more trees. as boring as they are [i mean they don’t move or anything!] i love how they wear the snow.

the light in this picture reminded me of something.:D

just a tree. a beautiful tree.

some sepia-tone lovin’

everything looks better in monotone.

i like this a lot. monotone and really bright.

my favorite picture.

bright lights of reno

pretty gray in the morning though. sets the mood.

you can see the SF skyline if you squint.

bay bridge + creative angle

and a peppermint mocha completes the day.

okay, time to read. hope you all liked the pictures; it was difficult to capture the beauty through a lens.

518,400 seconds.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    i like peppermint mocha 🙂
    i still owe you your movie huh.

  2. picture one.general grievous strikes again!!!=]

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love your pictures and i’m glad you had fun!

  4. was your ass all wet after sitting in that snow?

  5. i just came back from the pool
    those pics r pretty cool

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey! I hope you had fun in reno.snow is beautiful.AND SO ARE YOU. hollaballa

  7. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! esp the LIGHT hahahah 🙂

    i am always out of the freaking loop! maaan.
    ❤ pretty pictures.

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