saw harrypotter and the goblet of fire on thursday. it looked great in
imax. emma WOW<3. the new characters barely
spoke at all which made it seem like harry was the whole point even
more. i mean…geez; the other characters should have some…character.
this way they just seemed liek extras. i hated how they didnt include
the quidditch cup, but loved that hermione was in the first 5 minutes.
the KKK-esque death-eaters looked a tad ridiculous. moody seemed more
like comic relief than someone to be afraid of. and i absolutely hated
how they made Dumbledore seem like some crazy old man instead of a
calm, powerful one. he seemed really weak. :. they didnt really stick
to the book but it was good nonetheless. i really liked it; i want to
see it again soon.

went to gilroy on friday, got a few shirts and a pair of shoes. some
really cool ones. :). and then when i got home, one of my shirts had

today (saturday) went to the car show and great mall. got another few shirts but didn’t finish up the whole mall.

tomorrow, we plan to look at cell phones. i have no idea what i want.

i love summer. yes, i’m aware that’s my bathroom.

carshowing gets me tired

RS4. sexy as hell.

loving it.

they brought this again, to tantalize the car affeciandos

can you say “will never be made”?

these two kids tried to oepn the trunk for like 10 minutes…you sohuld
have seen their faces when i went to the front, pressed the button, and
just lifted it up.

i absolutely love how honda brings their lawnmowers and weedwhackers to a car show.

first glance? “coooooool”. second glance on onward? “what the fuck were they thinking?”

the jetta 2.0L turbo engine, i think.

mmmmmm slk55AMG. yummy.

XK didn’t look half bad either. more like half-reallyfuckingawesome.

boring pictures, sorry. 🙂


it’s a 3 book set. all of them, from 1985-1995, bound into nice
hardcovers. printed on high quality art paper. I can’t wait to start

i love it. for the true calvin and hobbes AFICIONADOS. there. it’s spelled right this time, FOR SURE. HAPPY NOW, MISHY AND BIANCA?!

let’s throw in a 3rd edit.

my shoes got…er…quite a bit of attention today.


i think just about everything went right today. except for one …really major thing. :[

happy birthday, Melanie Lo.! sorry i forgot about the letter thing. hope you didn’t mind. and i hope you had a great day. 🙂


13 thoughts on “

  1. lucky ass im still waitin for my shirts

  2. where are the good cars at? [:

  3. you’re right, those were hella boring pictures. especially because bianca wasn’t in them!
    HARRYPOTTER holllerrrrrrrr.
    and one last thing–aficionados, buddy.

  4. oh hey I was there too! anywaycool pictures (=

  5. oh dude the calvin and hobbes thing is crazy.

  6. even after Bianca spelled it out for you, you spelled it wrong. -_____-;;

  7. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know much about cars, but some of those are pretty cool looking.
    the blue one!

  8. NICE SAVE, shelbs. mmmmmmmmmhm.emma watson hugebarf!

  9. taoqaz says:

    haha boy do you get a lot of comments.
    i like your tee shirt
    whats with guys and cars? i hate cars. i mean i hate obessing over it. with those engines called like 500gtx or something. how the heck do they memorize that stuff?!?

  10. Ha0LuvzU says:

    where did you learn to take photographs like that? anwayssss car show was nice. cars sucked more this year than last year.

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