here we go. two of my favorite people.


witness karl’s mating call
Upload Video at

thought this was like such an epiphany.

paolo’s a bad picture taker…this does not capture at all what
happened. let’s just say leo tried to cuddle and vince tried to smash
us both. i was trying to get as far away as possible without giving up
my seat on the couch.

today was one of the most random days in journalism. loved it.


6 thoughts on “

  1. excuse me.

    you left today before i gave you my picture.

  2. the video. hahahhahAHAHHA. oh man it sure attracts me

  3. bobo0_0 says:

    mike jones mike jones mike jonezzzz haha

  4. LOL is Karl syaing “Mike jones?” o_o

  5. no glove no love! mahahah

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