today: boring spanish, boring history. english. watched scarlet letter [WOW WTF], chatted.

afterschool, did my homework then got to stonestown to meet up with
terry and tiff. they were at olive garden, so when i got there terry
demanded that i eat her food. hah. i tohught she had poisoned it. and
while i ewas eating terry’s food (which was good) she and tiffany told
me of their exploits. and then tim and chris came, soon accompanied
afterward by tiffany’s boyfriend. once there, they killed my iced tea,
and then me terry and t iff split a tiramisu. all  the while, we
were taking pictures. but tehre werent many with me. then we watched
the movie. no comment.

lookat these cool kids

olive garden breadsticks are good.

terry can never smile.

chrisand terry

after tim stoled my wallet

even when she and i are taking pictures, she has the spotlight.

we had difficulty figuring out the bill and woh pays what. terry almost breathed fire.

cool, huh. chris took this one.

he then wanted one of himself.

today was fun, i suppose. movie wasn’t too great though.

threw this in for kicks. snowmen are sooogreat.


4 thoughts on “

  1. aww man lucky i wanted to c the movie
    i havent been to stones in like 2 years

  2. YOU WENT OUT ON A SCHOOL NIGHT? for shame, shelbs! shaaaame.aaaahah. chris licked himself. i want my little red riding hood picture! i want it!

  3. stoled this one. stoled. ahahah

  4. cpc3_115 says:

    michelle= cutest thing ever 🙂

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